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       Who is AZOIE creations:  AZOIE Is a family business that believes in the golden rules. Our creator first Family second and business third. I am the proud owner of Azoie my name is Huda my husband Ali and I have been married for over 30 years so we understand the importance of love, caring and understanding.

       One of our creations is the jump broom that has been a tradition that started in the 19th century and continues today each and every day. Each broom is created and design especially for your special day ( One Of a kind). Jumping the broom at the end of a wedding ceremony is a wonderful way to incorporate the oldest symbol of unity, while making it a part of your decorations at your wedding reception. The broom is also a special keepsake that can become a part of your home decorations. Which can be sprayed with our special sprizt of elegance, that will leave your environment with a fresh and relaxing aroma.
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